WowWee’s Twilight Daycare dolls let kids collect characters in the Roblox game


There are six dolls to collect in the first version.

WowWee, the company behind toys like Fashion Fidgets and My Squishy Little Dumplings, has released a series of collectible Twilight Daycare dolls inspired by the Roblox game Twilight Daycare.

There are six different Twilight Daycare dolls to collect in the first wave, with more dolls due out later in 2022. The dolls are sold as mystery boxes, which means fans won’t know which doll they are. will receive before opening the box. Each doll has one of two rarity ratings: common or rare. Twilight Daycare dolls have an age rating of 5+.

WowWee sent SuperParent one of their Twilight Daycare dolls to check out.

Each Twilight Daycare doll comes with plastic clothes, as well as a small toy. For example, we received the “Swimmer Baby” doll, which came with a swimsuit and swimming cap for the doll, as well as a small stuffed duck. The doll itself also wears a diaper that cannot be removed (it is part of the doll’s body).

Kids can move each doll’s hands, arms and legs to position them in different positions.

Finally, each Twilight Daycare doll comes with a trading card that matches the doll and a scratch card containing a code that can be used to collect the matching baby from the Twilight Daycare Roblox game.

WowWee’s Twilight Daycare dolls are available now for $12.99. You can pick them up from stores like Target and walmart (Walmart sells a single Twilight Daycare doll for $12.97).

Disclosure: SuperParent received a Twilight Daycare doll for cover purposes.


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