Why have Slurp Legends skins been disabled in Fortnite?


Yesterday, Epic Games broke Slurp Legends skins, and here’s why.

It’s still a fairly popular game that has always been popular. With almost five years worth of content, it’s going to happen sometimes.

Most gamers usually don’t notice these little glitches. Sometimes they can be irritating, like the empty chest bug in Fortnite.

These bigger issues require bigger fixes and sometimes they are missing from the game until further notice.

Why can I use my Slurp Legends skins in Fortnite?

Epic Games has disabled Slurp Legends following an invisibility bug, which makes all skin transparent except for the head.

The three skins of the Slurp Legends Pack, Slurp Bandolette, Slurp Jonesy and Slurp Leviathan, are affected by the bug.

epic games

This bug occurs when players max out shields and use Shadow Bombs on themselves. Once the shadow effect started to fade, players became invisible. To be clear, the Weapons, Back Bling, and Skin Head would not be visible.

You can see this glitch when it was live below thanks to YouTuber GKI.

You might be disappointed if you regularly use one of these skins. Nevertheless, you can even get free cosmetics at Fortnite Fall Fest!

When are your memories still thrown away?

If you don’t know when these Slurp Legends skins will be activated again in Fortnite, they are unlikely to be fully effective.

Fortnite social media accounts have not announced this. In fact, they haven’t made any official announcement yet; the news is amid Fortnite leaks like iFireMonkey.

Epic Games is likely to be working on a fix now, however, it’s unclear when the game will arrive. It might take a few days or until the next update.

If Epic Games has anything to announce, they will update this article.

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