Who are John and Jane Doe in Roblox?


In Roblox, John and Jane Doe are officially considered test accounts created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, two successful Roblox executives. In the test files, both accounts are listed as user/2 and user/3 in the player list. Both characters were created nearly 20 years ago on June 25, 2005. Although they were created then, John and Jane wouldn’t officially be in the game until February 27, 2006. Here’s everything what we know about John and Jane in Roblox.

Who are John and Jane Doe in Roblox?

Both characters were often used as admin-controlled NPCs. In real life, John Doe and Jane Doe are fictitious names for those who have not been identified by police.

As of February 27, John and Jane Doe’s accounts are no longer officially active. Both of them had a great time taking the friendship and the badges. Nevertheless, many suspect that it is the work of hackers who put these accounts. Others say it was due to bugs in Robloxs web servers and servers.

Roblox developers have removed all of their friends and badges from both accounts since 2008.

Now, Roblox sometimes uses accounts to grope and greet others, and check to see if they’re having fun. However, they are not used to access or ban other players’ accounts.

The idea swirled that in 2017 John and Jane Doe would be hacked and would start snooping around to take care of the game’s main players. Despite the lead being fake, Roblox released their own statement summarizing what happened had passed and finally debunked the whole myth.

In terms of general issues, we strongly suggest enabling two-factor authentication when possible, including using Roblox and also one more. Always remember never to give your password to anyone. Check out the official Roblox post on how to protect your Roblox account.

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