What major problem did the Fortnite game suffer from? – eSports

image source: twitter

One of the biggest online video games in the world, Fortnite, suffered a nearly seven-hour outage on Wednesday during the Winterfest event.

It should be noted that the multi-hour outage came two weeks after the server issues, according to The Indian Express.

The popular online game just launched Chapter 3 with some major changes to the environment, but it started giving players issues when logging in and finding a match around 11 a.m. PT .

Although on their official Twitter account, Fortnite Status also informed that they are looking to fix the issues.

“We’re investigating connection, matchmaking and other issues. We’ll let you know when the issues are resolved,” the tweet read.

During this period, the servers also remained offline due to the stability issue, until around 7 p.m., according to the Fortnite Status Twitter handle.

When the game went back online, Fornite Status on their official Twitter account wrote, “Fortnite game servers are back online and Winterfest continues.”

“We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we work to resolve these issues and we’ll have more details next week on what we’re doing to help you make up for lost time,” the tweet added.


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