“What a scary event! – Marshmello’s in-game Fortnite concert sets record


CARY- Epic Games’ incredible success story with “Fortnite” continues to grow even more impressive as more players around the world sign up to join the so-called online battle royale.

Marshmello lives his Twitter account

Last I heard, Fortnite’s recent online concert featuring Marshmello drew record numbers of attendees, according to Epic.

“What a scary event! wrote a fan on YouTube after watching the show earlier this month.

But there is even more.

“Fortnite recently set two records for top concurrent players,” reports The Verge, citing a statement from Epic. “On February 2, Fortnite had its best event day with 10.7 million players showing up for the Marshmello concert. This surpassed a previous high of some 8.3 million people in November, notes The Rod.

“Additionally, this past weekend, Saturday February 16, the game had its best day without an event with 7.6 million concurrent players.”

The so-called virtual concert with Marshmello – he wears a marshmallow helmet – featured thousands of Fortnite players/characters and upbeat music, which is billed as a “virtual concert”.

“We made history today! The first ever live virtual concert inside @fortnite with millions in attendance,” Marshmello tweeted.

“So crazy, thank you Epic Games and everyone who made this possible!”

Over the past two years, Fortnite has set all sorts of records for concurrent users and streaming.

The Verge also points out that the Fortnite-Marshmello event drew several million non-players. And his recap on YouTube has garnered nearly 27 million views.

Plus, there are over 140,000 reviews.

“epic games i was blown away i just live the idea of ​​marshmello in fortnite i just wish i was there to enjoy it but i hope there are events like this keep it up “wrote a viewer.

Marshmello’s real name is Christopher Comstock, an electronic music producer and DJ.

The game’s popularity with more than one hundred million players has also helped turn privately held Epic into a multi-billion dollar company, according to Bloomberg news.

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