Twitch streamer breaks monitor after losing Among Us game


. 2 years ago

Among Us isn’t meant to be a high-intensity game, but it definitely becomes the case when you’re deep in a session – and the tension proved costly for streamer DrSpicyArab, who inadvertently broke l his gaming monitor screen after being dismissed as the impostor.

If you managed to avoid all the endless hype around Among Us, it’s a simple party game where players have to identify which party member is actually the murderer (Imposter).

The goal for the impostor is of course not to be discovered, and although it’s a light board game, no one likes to lose.

Especially not if you’re on a 100% winning streak and trying to maintain it for your viewers on Twitch, like DrSpicyArab was on his October 11 stream.


Who knew Among Us could be taken seriously?

Almost three hours into his show, the 24-year-old streamer was knocked out, resulting in his first loss of the day, and his disappointment was evident.

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In his moment of dismay at being rejected, he threw a small tube at his monitor, not expecting it to do much damage, but his face fell when he realized his grave mistake. .

“Wow, I broke my fucking monitor,” he said in complete disbelief, before turning the camera to let his viewers and fellow gamers see the damage.

The players in the lobby, who had caused him his misery, couldn’t help but laugh when they saw the results.

Confused about how he managed to do so much damage with such a small object, DrSpicyArab had to rewatch his own VOD to see how it all went so wrong.

Obviously, there was some bad luck at play here, as the little tube really should never have broken the screen so easily.

The crack in the screen will of course make that monitor pretty useless now, and he’ll probably have to shell out for a new one. According to its configuration in its Twitch description, the monitor in question is a 144HZ, 1440p model from Samsung. Probably not a cheap buy.

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Of all the video games you could play that would justify the level of anger required to break your own monitor, Among Us would probably be at the very bottom of the list. At least he was able to laugh about it afterwards.


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