Top 10 Minecraft Game Modes For Minecraft 10th Anniversary



It has been a little over 10 years since Minecraft first captured the imagination of a whole generation of gamers. It really is a phenomenon and one that is larger than you probably think. Of course, you can just play the usual Creative or Survival modes, but that’s just the start.

Maybe you pick up Minecraft for the first time. Perhaps you are coming back after a long absence. Maybe you are just tired of surviving. Whatever the case, there are many new and different ways to play in this endless sandbox. Let’s review some of the best with the Top 10 Minecraft game modes.

In a sense, Minecraft is a throwback to how PC games were. Titles like Unreal tournament and Team Fortress 2 were full of non-standard servers and weird game modes. In fact, some popular games these days were born from this phenomenon. Battle Royale game types are said to have started in places like Minecraft as good as Day Z. We see Auto Chess grow DOTA 2 in a similar way. It’s open game development on a meta scale, and it’s one of the reasons PC gamers love open, user-friendly software.

By checking out the large number of custom servers and game types available, you begin to understand why Minecraft has become the entry point into the game for a whole breed of new players. This variety is why Minecraft is not just a game but a platform where players can create an avatar and go crazy in a wide range of experiences. It’s packed with the kind of questionable content that kids love to put in. There are modes with one-level depth that matches many of the games you can buy on Steam, and everything is designed by gamers for a one-time purchase price. While Minecraft may be celebrating its first decade, it certainly won’t be the last.



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