The Russian Ruble is now worth less than the Roblox Robux game token


The Russian ruble has lost its value so much following the recent international sanctions against Russia that it is now worth less than the Roblox game token. This game is over a decade old. However, Roblox has become a big hit during the pandemic due to the increase in home gamers. Currently, the game has over 100 million active players.

The value of the virtual currency, which can be converted back into US dollars, is now around $0.0125.

Roblox game token: is it a good investment?

Robux is the virtual game token for Roblox game. At the time of writing, $4.99 will net 400 Roblox game tokens. Since the token can be earned in-game and exchanged for cash, this figure is not a sham. Thanks to the Roblox game publishing system, at least a few gamers and developers can earn the equivalent of a full-time income.

However, if you are considering converting your savings into Roblox Game Tokens, please keep a few things in mind:

  • Roblox Corporation has been accused of actually creating an online gaming system for children.
  • When you “cash out” your Roblox game tokens for dollars, the company takes a hefty 30% cut off the “marketplace fee”.
  • Last August, YouTube channel People Make Games documented several issues with the game. The accusations include the issue with the real-money equivalent Roblox market, as well as the game’s impact on millions of underage players.

Basically, Robux and rubles are effectively worth the same if you factor in the 30% withdrawal fee. In other words, if Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues and the international community continues to isolate Russia with sanctions, a currency for a children’s video game might be a better store of value than the currency of a great world power.

If you want to donate, the official Ukrainian account has shared a crypto wallet address. Moreover, we have selected some of the best Ukrainian artists that you can support and show solidarity with.

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