The new game “Minecraft” will let you build stuff in the real world


Can persistent “Minecraft” structures in the real world recreate the success of “Pokémon Go”?

Minecraft Land

“Minecraft,” one of the world’s most popular video games, will take a big step towards augmented reality later this year, thanks to Microsoft.

“Minecraft Earth,” announced today, will allow users to collect items, blocks, and creatures while roaming the real world with other real-world friends – think of it as a “Pokémon Go” experience on the “Minecraft” theme, but with more fishing, building and resource management.

Block everywhere

While the hugely popular smartphone game “Pokémon Go” relied very little on augmented reality, the new title “Minecraft” will double the technology. A new feature called Azure Spatial Anchors will allow users to drop objects in augmented reality – and persist indefinitely. Other users will also be able to interact with these same objects.

The goal is to get players to create their own “Minecraft” worlds for others to experience in augmented reality through their phones.

“’Minecraft Earth’ proposes to completely break the dogma that has lived with us in computing since the beginning: this idea of ​​a single person who owns a single device to create a single experience,” said Alex Kipman, creator of HoloLens and Kinect at Microsoft. The edge. “With ‘Minecraft Earth’ this is no longer the case. The content is in the real world.

A beta version of “Minecraft Earth” will open to early adopters this summer, but Microsoft has yet to announce a launch date.

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