The new Fortnite game mode looks a lot like among us


Epic Games is creating a new Hidden Identity game mode for Fortnite that’s surprisingly similar to Among Us, perhaps to capitalize on the popularity.

Fortnite's new Among Us game mode

New Fortnite The Season 5 theme drew a lot of inspiration from outside sources to be incorporated into its own game, such as the names of some of the new characters. It now appears that further changes in Fortnite may involve taking ideas from the popular hidden identity game Among us with a new game mode.

For a limited time, the new Fortnite update has created a new game mode called “The Spy Within”, which pits players against each other to discover the identity of the treacherous spies within the group. For the new Fortnite In game mode, the objective of the agents is to complete tasks and earn coins before the spies can kill them all without getting caught.

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While Among us wasn’t the first game to create the mafia-style board game formula, it is arguably the most popular and influential hidden identity type game today. On top of that, there are still some key similarities to The Spy Within and functions within Among us.

fortnite update

One of the most important first similarities is that if players notice a suspicious player, they can call a meeting to discuss with the group why they think that player is the spy and dismiss them. Not only that, but there are a total of ten agents with two spies in the game, similar to the maximum lobby size in Among us have two impostors for ten teammates, not counting the option for a third impostor.

However, Fortnite‘s The Spy Within incorporates in-game proximity voice chat for meetings to chat with other players, which is a nice change of pace from the need for typing on a keyboard for public lobbies in. Among us. Players will also be rewarded with new cosmetic items such as a Festive Holiday weapon skin, a new glider, and a skateboard with a spy-inspired design. The game mode will also change every few days to feature a new game variant created by community members KKSlider, DolphinDom, Blanky, Bunni_, Wert, MackJack, Ritual and Snownymous.

It’s hard to say if Fortnite may remove any player from Among us to join this game mode instead, if that was even the intention in the first place. Among us made the jump to Switch and will soon be arriving at Xbox Game Pass, so it’s probably the best business strategy to keep fans loyal to the game as an incredibly popular new game is making the leap to consoles. Hopefully fans can take advantage of The Spy Within mode for its unique merits.

Fortnite is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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