The missing Minecraft game was found


As explained in a detailed thread by Twitter user @Lunasorcery, the rare open-world version of the game was rediscovered after members of the Omniarchive data archivist group noticed a Tweeter which dated September 18, 2010. In that post, Lunasorcery simply said, “oooooohhhhhhh MineCraft update!”

While it wasn’t a ton, the time did correspond to the release window for the game’s version 1.1.1, which was quickly removed and replaced with 1.1.2 because the first one contained an endgame graphic. Error . After a failed attempt to contact Luna via Twitter, a member of Omniarchive finally contacted her, and she started research through its old files for a copy of the historical update.

Rather early, Luna had located a .jar file (basically a type of .zip archive) containing a “Minecraft” installation with the correct timestamps. After some preliminary checks in the version history of the file, Luna share the file with Omniarchive, which was able to verify that it had discovered a copy of version 1.1.1 missing.

As if that wasn’t enough to send the “Minecraft” community into a frenzy, a more detailed examination of the file’s timestamps and the game’s update history revealed that Luna had succeeded to get a copy of the alpha version a few minutes before compiling and downloading 1.1.2.

The lesson of this incredible find? “Never delete anything” tweeted Moon. You never know when you are sitting on a gambling treasure.


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