The “Fortnite” game servers are offline


Epic Game’s third-person shooter Fortnite is offline at the moment. Players had difficulty logging into the game and queuing for matches today.

The official Fortnite The state Twitter account, which provides a server status update for the game, tweeted around 9:00 am PT this morning that the developers at Fortnite are currently investigating issues with the game. Another update posted at 12:00 PM PT confirmed that the game is still offline due to “stability issues”.

Before the servers went offline, users were seeing an error message when trying to log into the game, which left a lot of people confused. While trying to launch the game some saw a screen that said “You do not have permission to play Fortnite, leading some to wonder if they had not been banned. Others reported that their games were crashing at random during matches.

Even the Twitch streamer Ninja – who is known for his Fortnite content – technical issues encountered with the game. During his Twitch stream this morning, he was stuck on a loading screen for several minutes and struggled to enter the game. It was then placed in a queue. seven minute wait that never ended. After one hour trial climb on Fortnite, Ninja gave up.

It is not known if there is a correlation, but the Epic Games Store was also down around the same time. Fortnitethe problems started. Users were unable to download, install, or launch games through the Epic Games Launcher desktop app. These issues with the Epic app are now resolved for some because Fortnite is currently downloadable, but the game’s servers remain offline.

We do not know why Fortniteservers are down right now, however Rant speculates that Epic Games intentionally shut down the servers while they worked to resolve their technical issues.


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