Spotify reaches hip-hop in Roblox


Spotify has opened up Planet Hip-Hop, a futuristic hip-hop universe based on the Spotify Island experience in Roblox.

Spotify has become the first music streaming brand to have a presence within Roblox with Spotify Island, an audio destination. Since then, Spotify Island has launched a whimsical wonderland dedicated to K-Pop.

Spotify is thrilled to unveil Planet Hip-Hop where fans can connect with hip-hop superstar Doechii through artist talk and special virtual merch like alligator shoes. This is the new way to market young people, who don’t watch TV, but play lots of games. But Roblox is one of the places to be, with over 52 million active users every day.

I listened to a briefing where the folks at Spotify talk about the project. They include Edward Yeung, Associate Creative Director, Steven Conaway, Associate Artistic Director, and Zainab Hasnain, Senior Director of Music Marketing.

Planet Hip Hop is on the island of Spotify.

K-Park is a whimsical wonderland that pays homage to K-Pop. Spotify has seen huge crossovers between music and games, and mainstream brands run a large fraudulent brand. Deloitte recently said that Gen Z gamers are playing an average of 11-13 hours per week. Not only does Spotify expect the audience to be gamers. They are also probably creators.

Conaway said Spotify wants to create a space inspired by the new era of hip-hop, and this experience will set the tone for what’s to come in the future. It is meant to celebrate the sound and visuals of the internet generation and video games.

Explore the new era of hip-hop.

Hip-hop is a genre that has always pushed boundaries and taken the lead in culture, Conaway said.

Fans can make their own adventures. What I find interesting about this is that Spotify already tested the waters earlier this year and is coming back to invest in the Roblox experience, like other brands such as Chipotle.

The design of the place is very creative and eye-catching. Spotify wants it to be a meeting space where fans and artists can play, explore and connect, with the goal of bringing the whole person closer together. You can drive and customize your vehicle, walk through buildings, and float in low gravity.

The idea is to introduce Roblox to the new generation of hip-hop artists.

You can listen to or play the Planet Hip Hop experience on any phone, computer or tablet with Roblox available.


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