Spotify has launched its own island in Roblox


Spotify has built its own metaverse by launching its own interactive island in Roblox.

This makes the music streaming giant the first brand of its kind to feature in the popular online game. Spotify Island, as it’s called, is described in a press release as “a sonic paradise where fans and artists everywhere can explore a wonderland of super special sounds, quests and merchandise.”

Essentially, it serves as the company’s perspective on an online community that will allow users to interact with participating artists such as virtual meetups, gigs, and more. Players can also complete quests, unlock exclusive artist-branded content, and even create their own music through virtual beatmaker stations.

I toured the island in a hands-on demonstration. The vibrant forest area, painted mostly in Spotify’s shade of green, is essentially a platform-focused amalgamation of all things Spotify and music in general. I jumped, bounced, and roamed the neon-tinted world that sports a “small person in a big world” theme thanks to its building-sized trees and massive vines. A hollow in a tree was lined with music keys that produced musical notes when I pressed against them. Riding a glitter-strewn path emitted its own melody.

Collecting dozens of Spotify “Like” hearts unlocks new items and areas. For example, scoring 1000 hearts opened up a towering tree in the center for climbing. Reaching its peak gave me access to a device that allowed me to change the island time (for me only). You can also liven up your antics by playing music from an in-game playlist. Interacting with the island as a whole feels like playing with some kind of giant instrument. Although it sports small quests, it felt more like messing around with a big toy rather than getting lost in a big, immersive open world.

Spotify hopes the island will give artists another platform to engage with audiences, as well as a new destination to create and share content and merchandising. During the presentation, Spotify described its partnerships with artists as collaborative and flexible, saying it was ready to take over marketing for interested artists who don’t have time to flesh out all the details of their involvement. For example, Spotify helps design the virtual merchandising for these artists, and the performers receive an undisclosed portion of the sales.

Spotify Island will host special events. The first of these to launch in the coming weeks is called K-Park, a new area on the island that will showcase K-Pop by hosting South Korean boy band Stray Kids and singer SUNMI. . Merch for SUNMI is now available with Stray Kids coming in the coming weeks.

Roblox users can access and explore Spotify Island starting today (no, you don’t need a Spotify subscription to visit). Spotify has already planned to support the destination with new events, artists and content in the weeks and months to come.

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