Spider-Man and the Possible Swinging Web are coming to the Fortnite game



Drop it under rumor because nothing has been confirmed, although, given that the new Spider-Man: No Path Home movie is coming out soon, this rumor could easily be very true. I could see Marvel and Disney wanting to leverage the Fortnite gaming platform to promote. They have already done this several times.

It was rumored that Epic was working on something called “West Sausage”. The implication is supposed to be that he could represent Web Slinger and players could see web sway mechanics coming to the Fortnite game!

Given certain terms, this is a fair assumption.

This rumor comes from @HYPEX on Twitter. Here is what was said:

The account continues to credit another account, @gameshed_ for some information. So I want to make sure I credit them as well.

Spider-Man would finally make an appearance in the game, while many other Marvel characters have already been introduced. Considering fans’ long wait for a trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” it would only make sense if there was a huge demand for this character.

It’s very likely that the new “Spider-Man” movie will be the big movie of 2021 and could bring in totals more in line with tentpole franchises before the pandemic. Adding Spider-Man to Fortnite would be a victory for Epic and Marvel.

Of course, this is all rumored for now, but it is certainly a very intriguing rumor.

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Source: Comicbook.com

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