Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 gets special boost for Fortnite gaming



If you’ve played Fortnite on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or Galaxy Tab S7 +, you’re in luck. Today, Epic Games and Samsung revealed that they will soon be unlocking the ability to speed up gameplay for the latest Samsung Fortnite game tablets with the latest update for said game. This latest Fortnite game update has Unlocked 90 fps (frames per second, image refresh rate) for tablet display, allowing users to enjoy smoother, more eye-pleasing gameplay than ever before on this hardware.

Samsung is also touting its current status as “the only mobile app store in the United States where users can download and enjoy the current season of Fortnite.” A big part of that is because Epic Games is currently having an argument with Apple and has never quite reached a point where it makes sense to jump into the Google Play App Store.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + both have the ability to run apps at 90 fps – this is only the first time frame rate has been available for Fornite specifically. The only way this combination of elements works is if the user downloads the Fortnite game from the Samsung Galaxy Store (or in the Galaxy Game Launcher app) UPDATE: OR directly from Epic Games.

This update was released on October 13, 2020, well in time for all of the Halloween goodness that will be arriving throughout the month in Fortnite. Once the last Fortnite update loads on a Galaxy S7 or S7 +, 90fps gameplay will be enabled by default.

While no other Halloween bonuses for Samsung devices have been revealed yet, it’s entirely possible that more are on the way. Epic Games have partnered with Samsung for more than one Fortnite bonus in the past, and it wouldn’t be a shock to see additional pieces by the end of this season.



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