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With the new collaboration between Roblox and Strange things, you can play as a Demogorgon and visit iconic locations from the Netflix series.

There are many collaborations this year, which we love. As is customary in industry today, Roblox combines two protagonists or characters to create a unique universe that will appeal to all video game players. Sonic coming Minecraft, Mario and Sonic are making a comeback with the Olympics due to their suspension last year, the massive amount of crossovers that Fortnite brought us this year, or Aloy coming to Genshin Impact; collaborations are everywhere.

Now both Roblox and Strange things have crossed paths to provide the perfect experience for fans of Netflix series: an adaptation of Starcourt Mall based on the hit television series inspired by the 1980s.

Stroll through Starcourt dressed as Stranger Things characters

the Roblox the adaptation of Starcourt allows us to decorate our avatar with Strange things-specific items, as well as up to four mini-games. The Starcourt Mall became very important in the third season, and now we can enjoy it in its entirety.

Demogorgon costumes and accessories such as Dustin’s hat and Eleven’s cape are among the available accessories. For the mini-games, there will be a game of cat and rat, one where you will have to shoot the dice in turn against another player, a bettor demonstration with the slingshots, and a test where you will have to shoot demonstrate how fast you can throw all the ice cream through the building.


Roblox provides a platform where creativity and storytelling come to life, making it such a natural fit for Netflix and Strange things“said Chris Lee, head of interactive games at Netflix.

You can check out this excellent recreation of the Starcourt Mall that takes us back to the 1980s as we dress to be in tune with the series by clicking on this link.



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