Roblox game developers will get $500,000 each to take the game to new heights


A new round of funding has been announced by Roblox for the creators of its cutting-edge games. The game’s creators fund, called Game Fund, was first introduced by the company last summer, and it was initially funded with $25 million for its upcoming video games.

Roblox will now allocate an additional $10 million to a select group of projects it deems best to represent the platform as a whole, as first reported by Tech Crunch.

Although this sum of money represents a drop in the ocean for a company worth an estimated $25 billion, the investment indicates the future of Roblox.

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This photo taken on February 1, 2019 shows online gaming service Roblox displayed on a tablet screen in Paris.

The game fund

While there aren’t many of these developer prizes, each gets a minimum of $500,000, which is enough to pay for some high-end experiences on the popular game.

It should be noted that individual users have developed several Roblox games. However, a majority of them were still produced by professional game studios and will likely enjoy large budgets.

Roblox sees its cohort of Game funds experiments as the future of the platform and is actively seeking developers to push the boundaries of what is technologically feasible in gaming.

Roblox’s Community Development Manager Jad Boniface’s statement to TechCrunch involves hand-picking game developers with “a track record of success.”

New gaming background choices include – Phaser Lock Interactive, the company behind the dinosaur hunting game Primal Hunt; Creators of first-person shooter Maximillian Studios; Secret Neighbor’s “social horror” team; musical fighting game developers Skullbeat; and Fashion Klossette, the “next generation fashion experience” studio planned by Karlie Kloss.

Alpha and beta versions of the Game Fund games and fashion experience are expected to be released in the coming months.

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The new era of Roblox

Additionally, Roblox directs its developer community to the Roblox Community Fund, which funds educational initiatives, the Roblox Acceleration Programwhich awards $13,000 prizes to five game developers at once, and a talent hub that serves as something of a matchmaking service exclusively for its developer community.

The majority of these developer support services, along with the Game Fund, were introduced last year.

Roblox sees its Game Fund as a way to promote visually stunning games that for the most part don’t look or even perform like what the platform is known for. The $35 million fund now reflects what Roblox wants to be recognized for in its next period, which is shaping up to be very different from the current period.

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