Revolutionary Fortnite issue allows players to shoot while sliding



Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 proved to be a bit difficult for players. The community protested that the season was sweaty, so Epic Games had no choice but to ease the pressure a bit.

The developer has released several methods to make XP shredding easier this season. However, it looks like Epic has slackened off when it comes to fixing issues.

How to glitch under the cubic city of Fortnite!

A recent Fortnite issue arose where players can apparently shoot while sliding. This type of bug can influence gameplay and has definitely driven players crazy.

How to use Fortnite glitch in Chapter 2 of Season 8 which allows players to use weapons while sliding

A common thought that has crossed gamers’ minds at least once is that it would be great if Fortnite allowed them to shoot while sliding off the battle bus.

Apparently loopers can now get a taste of this experience, although it will be a little different and not the battle bus. This is basically a Fortnite glitch that they can trigger easily.

Users may encounter this issue in Steamy Stacks, where they have to approach one of the steam towers. Before entering, players will have to slide using a witch’s broom.

Upon entering Steamy Stacks, players will levitate to the top. As soon as they start to climb, they will have to cancel the broom. In doing so, the glitch will be activated and they will be able to shoot while hovering.

This particular Fortnite glitch also works away from Steamy Stacks. Players will need to deploy the witch’s broom and land on a launch pad. The effect will be similar and they will be sent flying in the sky. By sliding down, users can shoot without any problem.

Exploitation of this issue will influence the gameplay, so loopers are strictly advised not to try it at all as it will certainly kill the fun of competitive Fortnite gameplay.

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