Play It: Zedd, DoodleChaos Make Interactive Minecraft Game: Dancing Astronaut


Considering Zedd’s status as a player, his latest collaboration might be the most natural yet. The producer has teamed up with YouTube creator DoodleChaos to create a music-based Minecraft game, Beat Saber, which challenges players to level through without missing a beat of the song. To test their beatmatching skills, players actively listen to the track as it plays, which syncs with their movements. It is a diversion of dance which requires a little dexterity. Game on.

Players can get a feel for how the new Minecraft addition will work in the “Minecraft Music Video” for “Funny,” Zedd’s debut single in 2020. The visual, designed by DoodleChaos, is a sound simulation of the game that anyone can try. Download the World and Resource Pack for Minecraft here.

Featured Image: Live Coverage

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