Official Sonic Roblox Game Speed ​​Simulator Lets Players Race Online


Sonic the Hedgehog comes to Roblox in Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, a fast-paced adventure that lets players compete as the iconic blue speedster.

Sonic Speed ​​Simulatora Roblox game featuring sonic the hedgehog, was announced as a collaboration between Gamefam and SEGA. Roblox Corporation’s game creation platform enables gamers and prolific developers like Gamefam to create their own interactive experiences using a suite of accessible tools. While an agreement between Roblox and Chipotle was recently announced, bringing Sonic the Hedgehog to the platform promises to be an even more amazing crossover.

Sonic the Hedgehog is an indispensable gaming mascot that has appeared in a slew of games since its debut in 1991. For over 30 years, the sonic the hedgehog The franchise has evolved to encompass over 20 individual games, numerous comic books, an animated series, and two live-action movies. Sonic has also been involved in many different crossover projects, including the Mario & Sonic at the Olympics sports series and Super Smash Bros. platform fighting franchise. The popularity of Sonic the Hedgehog may also have led to fan-made crossovers, with a mod adding Sonic to Super Smash Bros 64 which was launched years before its first appearance in the series.

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In collaboration with SEGA, game developer Gamefam used Roblox to create a whole new sonic the hedgehog experience called Sonic speed simulator. As detailed in a press release sent to Screen Rant, the unique title will allow players to gain speed as they rush through unique worlds to earn rewards like pet companions and collectible skins. A multiplayer component allows players to race against friends, and regular weekly updates will be provided by the developer. Gamefam is known for making games within Robloxto like Hot Wheels Open Road and Gym Tycoon. Fans of speed and style can play Sonic Speed ​​Simulator now on the Roblox Platform.

While Sonic the Hedgehog has appeared everywhere from comic books to the big screen, perhaps his most impressive appearance is in the Lands Between. A build of Sonic the Hedgehog Ring of Elden allows a creative player to hilariously carve their way to victory at ridiculous speed. Building involves creating an all-blue Ternish playable character and equipping items that allow them to kill enemies by rolling over them like SEGA’s iconic mascot. The Caestus weapon and Lighting Ram Ash of War are the keys to recreating the beloved hedgehog, and he’s an absolute terror in PvP multiplayer matches.

Roblox is an accessible platform that enables the creation of many unique new titles, but it can also be used to successfully recreate beloved gaming experiences from the past. Sonic Speed ​​Simulator successfully reflects the speed of the classic sonic the hedgehog titles while adding a unique multiplayer component. Roblox players who feel the need for speed can play Sonic Speed ​​Simulator right now.

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Roblox is available on PC, iOS, Android and Xbox One.

Source: Screen Rant

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