Ninja and Tfue meet by chance in a Fortnite game; who won?


I am hearing more and more complaints about the current state in which it is Fortnite not so much because of the idea that epic games doesn’t do a good job with season 3 (because, in my opinion, it does), but because the battle royale would no longer be able to evoke those feelings that many of us felt in its chapter 1. Does the same thing happen to you?

That’s why I always like to contribute all kinds of anecdotes to help us remember the good old days of Fortnite. And, precisely, on this occasion the video that I am going to share with you all below involves to two of the content creators who took Battle Royale to the top: Ninja and Tfue. I leave you with the details of what exactly happened without dwelling on the subject:

  • The video in question was retrieved by the account DailyClipsCentral
  • In this you can see how ninja and tfue are in a fortnite game by chance
  • Who do you think wins? Obviously, I’m not going to spoil you, so the best I can do is let you find out with the clip itself:

The truth is, this video made me miss one of Fortnite’s best moments in which the entire creator community uploaded non-stop content to the game. Will we ever see Battle Royale make a comeback in this regard? Only time and possible more amazing future news of the game they will say.

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