NFT Corporation Will Create Its Own Minecraft Game With The Same ‘Playstyle, Look And Feel’ After Mojang Ban


An NFT company has hit back at Mojang after deciding that “blockchain technologies are not allowed to be integrated” into Minecraft by promising to create its own Minecraft-like game.

As we reported earlier in the week, Minecraft (opens in a new tab) developer Mojang has explicitly banned all NFT technologies from anything related to its game (opens in a new tab)confirming that “NFT integrations with Minecraft are generally not something [it] will support or allow “including” NFTs associated with any game content, including worlds, skins, personality items, or other mods.

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Stating that “Microsoft, Mojang, and Minecraft have signaled they have no respect for creators, builders, and players,” NFT Worlds now says it’s “plunging headfirst” into developing “a new game and a new platform based on many core Minecraft mechanics”. , but with modernization and active development, Minecraft has been missing for years”.

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“This is not a rewrite of an open-source Minecraft clone, which would likely violate the EULA or still risk legal action, it’s entirely from scratch,” the company explained in a post. statement (opens in a new tab) (Thanks, Gamer on PC (opens in a new tab)). “This transition will also be accompanied by a change in brand identity facing the public which will be more player-friendly.

“While the gameplay style, look and feel of this will be very familiar to Minecraft players, the gameplay mechanics, graphics, performance optimizations and overall improvements will usher in a more accessible, enjoyable gaming experience. and more enjoyable. Best of all, we’ll be completely detached from enforcing the policy that Microsoft and Mojang have on Minecraft. We’re really becoming our own open game and our own platform.

The statement adds that access to the game will be “100% free for players and there will never be any credit card payment barriers for content.” While work is ongoing and the team develops ways to “introduce new features that appeal to unencrypted players,” the company’s existing launcher and game pages will remain live.

“Make no mistake, this is a web2 vs. web3 battle,” the company added. “We are fighting for a future with a player-owned and operated economy, where all participants benefit from their contributions to the ecosystem. We recognize this is a monumental task.”

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