NFL Goes Deeper Into The Metaverse With Roblox Game


Metavers. Roblox. It’s like the NFL is playing crazy libraries using only words meant for Gen Z Zoomers.

The National Football League has partnered with the popular online game Roblox (RBLX) – Get Roblox Corp’s Class A Report. to expand its presence in the metaverse and launched NFL Tycoon Wednesday, a game that lets players build, play, and learn an NFL-centric world based on Roblox’s popular tycoon and simulator genres.

“We see Roblox as an extension of real-world NFL engagement platforms for emerging social connectivity where fans can learn about the game and the business side of NFL football,” said Joe Ruggiero, senior vice president of NFL. NFL consumer products.

“We are beyond excited to partner with Roblox as we delve deeper into the metaverse and continue to learn the value of interactive shared experiences for the NFL.”

NFL Tycoon gameplay

Roblox has nearly 50 million daily active users that the NFL wants to tap into and potentially convert into future fans.

Today players can virtual own their own NFL franchise and develop custom stadiums and rosters with fictional players by unboxing card packs.

Owners can also trade players with other users and participate in a game simulator that features a leaderboard for top teams.

NFL Tycoon will feature live virtual events and activations that coincide with the NFL schedule.

“We’re thrilled to see sports and entertainment evolve to deliver fun, authentic and engaging experiences that push the boundaries of creativity and bring fans closer to some of the greatest moments in sport and culture,” Christina Wootton, vice -president of global brand partnerships at Roblox, said.

NFL targets young demographic

According to a 2017 study by Radio+Television activity reportthe median age of NFL live viewers is at least 50 years old as streaming video consumption increases among younger viewers.

Currently, 67% of Roblox players are under the age of 16, according to a January study cited by back link. Only 14% of users are over the age of 25, and Roblox itself reports that around 55% of its daily active users were under the age of 13 in 2020.

Gaming has a fairly even gender split, with people identifying as male accounting for 51% of DAUs and people identifying as female accounting for 44%.


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