Neither Barbie nor Polly Pocket are making their Roblox debut


Roblox Corporation has announced that they have partnered with Mattel and Barbie to bring it into their game to the world. To successfully take down one of the franchises, players can add to Livetopia, as you can visit the homes of Polly and her many friends in their unique, compact form, and also experience Barbie’s Dreamhouse. As long as he looks and feels like he’s still alive. We have more information on these additions below as they will be available today.

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From September 16 through October 14, Polly Pocket will join Livetopia with an exclusive experience that encourages players to make choices with unique Polly knowledge and experience. Explore Polly Street, interact with various NPCs, as well as Lila and Shani, and travel through Polly’s Livetopia. On the first three Fridays of the program, players will receive a new custom compact that will run for an entire day, full of all the best content, including a brand-focused look, and all the character personality.

The pop culture icon will become one of the newest Mattel brands brought into the Roblox universe today. It all started in September 2014, which celebrated his iconic Dreamhouse and sixty years of living in a house. The gameplay offers an epic party where players can live in virtual reality and explore vistas and different floors. The Barbie Livetopia collaboration gives you the opportunity to explore exciting features and the many iterations of Barbie, and to customize the concept of personalized figures in which players can interact and learn from fun and playful activities. Inspired by the animated dream house launched in 1962, the Barbie Roblox integration will inspire players to take their digital adventures to real-life playsets and back again.


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