More characters from Boba Fett’s book are joining Fortnite


Update: Boba Fett has amassed an army in his Disney+ series, and his hired help is following him into Fortnite as well. If you venture into the game’s Item Shop today, you can purchase skins of Boba Fett’s trusted right-hand man, Fennec Shand, and wookiee bounty hunter, Krrsantan.

You can also purchase Fennec’s spaceship as a glider and a “That’s the Way” emote that audibly says the famous line. All of these skins and items are offered in one discounted bundle. Like all licensed skins, these won’t stay in the store for long before being retired. If you missed Boba Fett the first time around, he’s back with his Firespray paraglider. You can also add a stormtrooper to your ranks.

If you watched Boba Fett’s Book, you’ll probably want to see more characters from the series make the jump to Fortnite. Hopefully Epic Games and Lucasfilm aren’t done with this Star Wars collaboration yet. A certain person who just made an appearance on the show makes perfect sense for a Fortnite crossover.

Original story: Boba Fett’s Book arrives on Disney+ on December 29, but you don’t have to wait that long to play as Fortnite’s fearsome bounty hunter. It was added to the store today, sporting its new look from the upcoming streaming series.

If you only buy the Boba skin, you’ll also get his Z-6 jetpack, as well as an emote where he uses his targeting computer. You can also separately purchase his spaceship (formerly known as Slave One) as a glider and his gaffi stick as a harvesting tool. You can put it all together in a bundle if you want it all.

Boba isn’t the only Star Wars character in Fortnite today. Although it is a disappointment, he is the only new face of Boba Fett’s BookEpic Games has brought back the previously released Imperial Stormtrooper skin, along with a Y-Wing glider and dark side emote.

There’s a chance more characters from this series will appear in Fortnite over time, but for now we’ll just have to use the new tenant of Jabba’s Palace. Unlike Fortnite’s release of The Mandalorian content last year, Boba Fett’s arrival doesn’t add any new missions or armor upgrades – it’s just themed skin and accessories.

Epic updates the Fortnite store daily with new content at 4:00 PM PT. We’re still waiting for the Matrix skins, which we believe will come after the recently added emotes and glider, but there’s a chance that’s all we’ll get. Epic could move on to Star Wars and other properties in the coming days. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next.


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