Mojang redesigns Minecraft in-game menus using paper prototype kits


In a number of titles, smooth and easy menu navigation is essential. Minecraft is one of those games that relies on a clean and responsive user interface. Although its menus have undergone multiple revisions over the years, Mojang is looking to improve the overall design again, this time with help from the community. This overhaul will apply to all Bedrock Engine-based platforms, including the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Mojang would like to know how the community wants the in-game menus in Minecraft to be updated:

What would you like to see in an updated Minecraft menu? Maybe there are things you want to make easier? Or maybe there is a way to improve the menus for your device? Or maybe you want to add something entirely new to the main menu or create a world screen? Or maybe just a button that makes a pig squealing noise when you press it? (all games should have this, really).

Whatever your ideas, we would love to see them!

In order to experience the changes the Minecraft community wants to see in the in-game menus, Mojang released four paper prototype kits spanning the console, desktop, tablet, and phone – allowing fans to create their own menu designs for them. their respective versions of the game. You can download the paper kits via the links on the official blog page, then share your work on the official Minecraft Discord channel.

Do you own Minecraft on Switch? Would you like to see improved menus and user interface? Tell us below.


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