MineTrek Project Brings ‘Star Trek’ Ships To Minecraft Game


The Minecraft video game may be one of the most popular indie games ever made with millions of users, but since 2012 a group of “Star Trek” fans have been using Minecraft as an art form and tool. architectural to recreate vessels from their beloved science. -fiction series.

If you haven’t played it, the Minecraft video game, developed by Mojang, is like a virtual sandbox. Players are immersed in an open world without clear instructions and must create their own objectives and use the surrounding resources as they see fit. Players cut down trees to build houses, explore tunnels, mine resources, and defend against monsters in a world that is randomly generated each time a new game starts.

Players can come together on online servers where communities can work together or against each other to achieve a goal. It’s on one of these servers that MineTrek owner Michelle Heller works with a community of fans and builders to build models as close as 1: 1 of the USS Enterprise and other iconic ships from the “Star Trek” series.

Minetrek is a Minecraft server where players work to create a collection of these ships which can be explored by anyone. Visit the server and you’ll see blocky people flying through the air, knocking down cubes, one at a time. Slowly a creation begins to take shape, whether it is a room, a ship or a setting.

“Since we were young, we’ve watched ‘Next Generation’ shows and the original ‘Star Trek’ series, and we’ve always wanted to be able to explore ships – to better appreciate ships,” Heller said. “We’ve always seen so few actual ship interiors on shows that we thought it would be cool to recreate them entirely.”

While the project is community-based and everyone can see and explore the ships, Heller said there are strict building rules to keep each ship as accurate as possible. Players must “audition” for a builder role while working on a small project to prove their ability to stay true to the group’s vision for the project.

For MineTrek builder Raymond Williams, he said his passion stems from a childhood fascination with sci-fi technology.

“When I was a kid, people would show me blueprints for warships, and I’ve always been interested in those interior designs,” Williams said.

When a friend from high school showed him that similar plans existed for fictional ships, such as the USS Enterprise-D from “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” he said his mind was blown away.

Savannah College of Art and Design’s Chair of Interactive Design and Game Development, SuAnne Fu, said Minecraft’s lack of physical boundaries encourages the creation of visual art that may not be possible in the world. real.

“As an artist’s creative tool, the potential is greater than any physical environment we’ve seen,” Fu said.

MineTrek’s communications director, Gabriel Rodes, has been involved with the project for about four years. He said he found a balance in discussing the idea of ​​a video game as an art form in polite conversation.

“What I’m saying now is, ‘I haven’t played Minecraft for over four years.’ Now I just use it as a program, ”Rodes said. “It’s an incredible architectural tool.

In addition to the difficulties that Rodes faces in presenting their work as an architectural project instead of a video game creation, the limitations inherent in Minecraft can create difficulties for builders.

“When we build ships, we can’t build them strictly 1: 1,” Rodes said. Because a single block of Minecraft is 3 feet tall, and Enterprise corridors aren’t necessarily measured in whole meters, Rodes said the ship’s Minecraft recreation needs to be scaled up to 1.225% of its actual scale.

“Even so, some of the design work is exceptional,” Rodes said.

The project is free to the public, as long as viewers have access to a Minecraft account, Heller said, and anyone who passes the application process can contribute to the ongoing project. According to Williams, the USS Defiant and USS Voyager TV shows “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Star Trek: Voyager” have been completed, but the final version of the Enterprise-D could take up to one year to be completed.

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