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Minecraft 1.18 Update – In addition to Twitter and Reddit, there is also a healthy exchange between the Minecraft community and the developers of Mojang. Frequently, developers share information about upcoming updates and solicit comments through their accounts.

Minecraft 1.18 update is slated to include Caves and Cliffs Part 2. Many developers on vacation after Update 1.17 and Update 1.17.1 are returning to work now. All player feedback and bug reports are also addressed.

Minecraft Gameplay developer Brandon “kingbdogz” Pearce took to Twitter to share his concerns about the next Crowd Guardian and how it will affect ghosts and other players.

The future guardian of the Minecraft mob is described in more detail by Kingbdogz

The first Minecraft mob added by a community vote was the Ghost. When the crowds were there at Minecon Earth, Minecraft gamers were pretty exciting. After the introduction of Phantoms, the hype quickly diminished.

Guardians could undergo treatment similar to ghosts, according to Kingbdogz. Players have been eagerly awaiting the Director’s arrival since Minecon 2020. Others looking forward to fighting the Director is terrifying to see him deal such massive amounts of instant damage.

In a previous article, Kingbdogz said he shouldn’t fight the Director. As soon as the player makes contact with the crowd, their first instinct should be to escape. The developers strive to make the Guardian almost invincible so that players don’t beat him.

The manager also wants to make sure he doesn’t annoy the players while they are mining. Kingbdogz’s team are working hard to prevent this from happening in the Dark and Deep Biome.

A defeat of the director does not earn any items, according to Kingbdogz. It is up to the players to safely loot the chests in the dark and deep caves without searching the crowds with them.

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