Minecraft Game Will Get New Updates Soon: Everything You Need To Know

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In a bid to woo gamers, the popular Microsoft-owned video game Minecraft has announced that it will soon receive a new 1.20 update. The next update will introduce four new features, which are camel mobs, hanging signs, chiseled shelves, and bamboo crafts, which will be included in the next Minecraft update. READ ALSO: Google Meet to automatically zoom in on your face for more visibility

However, the overall goal of the update is to focus on “self-expression, representation, and storytelling.” ALSO READ: Best Diwali gift options for gadget lovers

New “default skins” have been released, giving users the option to play with default skins, create their own, or modify them to their liking. The new default skins will be available in Minecraft on November 29, the company announced during a virtual live event.

The team has officially announced the new version ‘Of Minecraft Legends’, the spin-off of ‘Minecraft’ which will launch in the spring of 2023.

Prior to the game’s release, the team showed off both a cinematic trailer and a gameplay demo.

‘Minecraft Dungeons’ will get spooky and a new multiplayer mode in its next update.

As the spooky season begins, some Halloween gear will be available, including the “Hungriest Horror Armor” set.

In addition, the multi-story tower mission will have multiplayer in the future, and Dungeons Season 3 will launch on October 19 with the theme “Fauna Faire”, which features pets and animals. .

In the “Minecraft Marketplace” there will be several new DLC titles. With iconic comic book characters and a blocky representation of Gotham City, Batman is the latest big name addition. The Batman DLC will be released on October 18.

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