Minecraft game promoting food careers to young people


Launched as part of Digital Manufacturing Week, the vertical farming-themed Skills Miner game promotes sustainable food production and engineering careers to Key Stage 3 students aged 11-14.

Helenna Vaughan-Smith, Digital Product Manager at Enginuity, said: “Engineering is in everything, and if young people can engage in STEM and engineering careers in exciting and relevant ways, they have the ability to change their world and ours. We just have to give them the opportunity to explore it.

Green careers and skills

“Through the game, teachers will now be able to integrate exciting new careers and green skills into the classroom environment and make the connection for students between science, curriculum, sustainability, future green skills and careers. “

Liverpool-based vertical farming expert Farm Urban helped develop the game, which sees players working as an engineer on a vertical farm in an abandoned carpet factory. The game is built inside of Minecraft, the best-selling game of all time.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time. Image courtesy of Mojang

Minecraft is a video game that allows players to create their own worlds using a series of blocks similar to Lego bricks. However, unlike traditional building toys, Minecraft also allows players to use mechanics to create working machines in the game and even allows coding. This allows users to craft anything from simple mining machines to working computers.

An educational version of the game has been used by schools to teach everything from ancient history to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills.

Paul Meyers, co-founder and managing director of Farm Urban, said: “We are delighted to have brought our expertise to the development of Enginuity’s Skills Miner vertical farming game. It’s a great way to encourage young people to find healthier and more sustainable solutions to the broken food system.

“Food of the future”

Our vertical farm shows that it’s possible to grow nutritious superfoods in a way that’s good for the planet and helps produce taste great and stay fresh longer. It’s food for the future, grown in cities ready for the future.

The vertical farming-themed version of Skills Miner is the latest in a series of games created by Enginuity using Minecraft that promote engineering skills and careers.

Previous releases included a game where players took on the role of an aerospace engineer building airplanes and making sustainable fuels, as well as a game where players upgraded a house to increase its durability rating, while while respecting a budget.

Meanwhile, Keith Thornhill, Food and Beverage Manager for Siemens UK and Ireland discussed digital transformation in vertical farming​ ​with Grow Pura.


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