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Minecraft game It is one of the famous video games, which is growing in popularity due to the changes the game always brings, and the company that owns the game recently released its latest version: the 2021 version. that the game appeared, and in its first version, in 2009, it came in the Java language, by the Swedish developer Markus Persson, known as Notch, and after the success of Minecraft, Bench created a development company of special games. , called Mojang, which was acquired by Microsoft, in 2014. So, quickly, about Minecraft And how to run it on different devices, through the lines of this article, which is brought to you via our website: site d Egypt Five news.

Minecraft game About that:

Maine Crafts

This is a three-dimensional sandbox game, allowing players to freely choose the shape of the game and how to play it, which helps players improve their creative side. As for the game world, we will find three-dimensional blocks that represent a variety of materials (such as earth, stone, metal and wood from trees, water, lava, etc.) , and you have to pick up these objects, arrange them, form shapes, build objects with a 3D grid, and allow players to move freely, in the virtual world of Minecraft, which is created by the players themselves, to Using a raw map, obtained, at the start of the game. The world is divided into vital regions, different in nature, including deserts, coasts, jungles, snowy areas, different terrains and craters. It is worth noting that the game has consecutive sessions, divided into a night session and a day session, and the duration of a session is 20 minutes.

How to play Minecraft on different devices:

You can download the Minecraft game and run it on different devices, such as a computer, as well as smart phones whether they are running Android or IOS, so here are the different ways to run it:

  1. On the computer: entered through the official website of the game, and download it to the device, then open the file for the game, install it, then open the file again, after the installation is complete, and press start to start the game.
  2. How to play Minecraft on Android devices: Enter the Google Play Store, search for it in the store, then install it, and after you install it, you can directly enter the game and start playing it.
  3. How to play the game on Apple devices: Go to the Apple store, search for the game, install it, then you can start playing and playing it.

    Minecraft game


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