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Lego minecraft

One of Lego’s “Minecraft” physical sets.

Flickr / Lego Photo mureut

Lego may be working on a “Minecraft” competitor called “Lego Worlds,” according to an advertisement discovered by a member of the Lego fan site Eurobricks.

The advertisement in question was found on the back of a Lego instruction booklet for the Lego 60097 set, “City Square”, and features artwork accompanied by the slogan “Explore. Discover. Create”.

There is also a link to a website – – but that link brings up the Lego 404 page, so it looks like the ad may have run before Lego had time to put the website up. in line.

The illustration for Lego Worlds certainly appears to be from a “Minecraft” style video game, and the tagline resembles that of “Minecraft”, which is “Build. Play. Explore”.

Lego worlds

Eurbricks / mikaelsol

Creating a competitor “Minecraft” would also make a lot of sense for Lego: “Minecraft” is often described as a kind of virtual Lego sandbox where you can build whatever you want and then explore your creation or the creations of others. The popular video game has over 100 million registered users and has sold over 60 million copies on PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Android and iOS.

Lego and Minecraft have teamed up in the past, with Lego creating physical sets with the “Minecraft” branding, but it looks like Lego is ready to make their own sandbox-style video game.

After its resounding success following its launch in 2009, “Minecraft” has become one of the best-selling video games of all time. In September 2014, Microsoft acquired Mojang, the studio behind “Minecraft,” for $ 2.5 billion.


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