LazarBeam banned from Fortnite game after stream-sniping


Lannan ‘LazarBeam’ Eacott fell victim to Epic’s heavy banhammer, after he and half a dozen other Fortnite players attempted to play a hilarious stream-snipe prank on fellow Click Star MrFreshAsian during the ‘a solo match.

LazarBeam’s relationship with ClickCrew resident Fortnite pro Harley “Fresh” Campbell appears to be based on jokes. Of try to “break” Epic’s game together, To prank him halfway, Eacott never seems to give Fresh a break.

To his credit, Fresh is a pretty good sport in that regard, even when LazarBeam’s pranks involve chasing him with a gang of players wearing Peely in a solo match. While the Fortnite pro doesn’t care, it looks like Epic does.

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Fee charged in a single player match. Soon the Fortnite pro found himself stalked on the map. First, the banana-adorned sniper group, led by LazarBeam himself, watched him in helicopters. Then they set their trap.

Streamer Click got himself a helicopter and believed he was taking out a lone rival in a bush with the Season 2 vehicle. Much to his surprise, more than half a dozen Peely emerged from the undergrowth and took over. started to invade him.

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MrFreshAsian was shocked to see more than half a dozen Peelys, led by LazarBeam, chase him down in a solo match.

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Teaming up at Solos sees LazarBeam hit with banhammer

Eacott and his potassium laden gang seemed to avoid damaging Fresh, except for one rogue banana who went for fame. As the storm approached, the Aussie YouTuber sought to put the finishing touches on his prank.

The sniper group started trying to shoot Fresh into the storm with rebound pads, which the pro was able to avoid. LazarBeam, seemingly ready for a Victory Royale, was equipping a gun – an action Epic seemed to take offense at.

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Within seconds, every opponent of Peely chasing Fresh had been slammed with the banhammer in the middle of the game ⁠ – even point guard LazarBeam was kicked out of the game. With no one left to oppose him, Fresh won.

The new Luminosity star took to Twitter to laugh at the LazarBeam ban. Eacott responded soon after, firing back with another joke: “The only way to stop my memes is to have Epic employees by your side.”

In fairness to Epic, “teaming up” against players in solo queue is a banned offense, according to the battle royale T & Cs. LazarBeam was probably ready to take a hammer blow and be banned if caught in the middle of a prank.

Luckily for LazarBeam and his compatriots, it looks like the banhammer may have been fair for this game too. Usually “teaming up” results in a three-day gambling ban, but this requires a report; Fresh is unlikely to drop one against his friend.

The mid-game ban couldn’t help the Australian YouTuber’s position on Fortnite, however. He’s been talking lately about the game’s “useless” user interface changes, and expressed concern about Season 2 in general too much.


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