Israeli teenager suspected of torturing man with special needs during Fortnite match


Police said Monday that a teenager was arrested on suspicion of abusing and torturing a man with special needs on the online video game, Fortnite.

The suspect, 17, has been in custody for three weeks and his pretrial detention has been extended with the approval of the attorney general despite his young age.

Police have opened an investigation after two separate complaints were filed against the youth who resides in the southern city of Ashkelon.

The suspect is known to advertise the sale of cheap Fortnight usernames on YouTube and, according to police, approached a 22-year-old man with special needs residing in a southern institution and engaged him in the game .

After some time, he got the user’s information from the man and when he demanded that the user be returned to him, the teenager demanded that the man cut himself in front of the camera and post videos online self-harm.

He then asked the man to eat his feces on camera and drink his urine. He also forced the man to stab himself in the stomach and urged him to kill himself, or be killed if he refused to do what the suspect said.

In a separate case, the same youngster also extorted NIS 2,000 from the mother of a 12-year-old boy and attempted to transfer NIS 48,000 from his mother’s bank account, all for the Fortnite user’s return, which he stole from the boy.

He also posted degrading messages about the two victims online.

“This is a serious case of extortion and abuse,” Be’er Sheva Police Juvenile Crime Commander Yoni Dascalo said.

“We urge all parents to be vigilant and aware of their children’s online activity, and to report anything out of the ordinary,” he said.


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