Is this the end for Fortnite? The game disappears in a black hole of its own making



CARRIE – Epic games ended Season 10 of its global mega-hit Fortnite this weekend. He disappeared into a black hole after an explosion – and to the mystery of his audience of millions, the site remains dark.

As dark is the Twitter which has over 9 million subscribers and the game-related Instagram page, which has generated billions of dollars in revenue for the privately-held gaming technology company.

Even the Fortnite logo is black on the Twitter page. On Instagram, the Fortnite page includes a series of all-black images as well as the black hole.

Epic, which was sued in Canada for allegedly addicting the game, remains silent on what is going on even though some of Fortnite’s followers have spent time watching a live stream of this black hole.

The end of season event was billed as “The End”.

Are Fortnite’s best days over? For now, maybe – but don’t underestimate the power of Epic

So far, Epic is not commenting on the mystery, which has dismayed some Twitter followers and speculated on what is really going on.

Is Fortnite Really Over?

What happened on Sunday was hardly what was expected. Around 2 p.m., CNN reports, “a rocket on the island where Fortnite is set up blew up the game landscape and dragged all players into a black hole, leaving nothing but a mostly dark screen and a rotating black hole and no way for users to play. “

Technical news site Cnet Reports that, “Looks like Fortnite is over.”

Next comes the caveat:

“For the moment.”

A gaming industry expert told CNN that Epic’s “black hole” event is a creative masterpiece.

“Epic Games are geniuses,” he said.

“Fortnite season 10 is coming to an end, and all of this is hype for season 11,” he added. “Instead of limiting itself to the standard update approach Epic uses for Fortnite… which takes a few hours to apply an update, Epic has created a comprehensive marketing and social media campaign, as well as a narrative story around it. “

By hiring the Esports Overwatch League executive, Epic Games expands its empire

Epic has reportedly made hundreds of millions of dollars in profit from Fortnite since launching two years ago. The success turned Epic into a multi-billion dollar company and its owner, Tim Sweeney, into a billionaire, according to a wide variety of media reports.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Joins Jim Goodnight, SAS John Sall on Forbes Billionaire List



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