How to make a Roblox game


ROBLOX is a platform where one can create a game and share it with others to play.

It can be compared to Youtube, where someone creates a video and shares it for others to see.

How to make a Roblox game

Keep reading to learn how to make your own Roblox game and also engage with other users.


Learn how to make your own game on Roblox

1. Install Roblox Studio

First, you will need to download a program.

Head to and click ‘Start creating’.

This will download the program to your device.

Once downloaded, open the program and choose a model of your liking to start building your game.

2. Start placing in the rooms

To start placing items in your world, select ‘Rooms’ in the top menu.

There are different shapes to choose from, such as blocks, spheres, wedges, and cylinders.

You can change the size of your room using the ‘Climb’ tool in the top menu.

If you hold ‘Control’ or ‘Command’ together as you adjust your part, it will scale evenly in all directions.

the ‘Turn’ The top menu tool can be used to adjust the position of your part.

You can also use the ‘Move’ tool to move your piece where you want.

3. Design your rooms

From ‘Properties’ panel, you can change the color of your parts.

You can also adjust the transparency and reflectance.

You can Anchor the parts you want, i.e. a part floats rather than letting it float and then fall into your game.

You must also tick ‘Cancollision’ in the top menu, otherwise players could browse your rooms.

You also change the name of your rooms from the Field Name in Properties.

4. Place an item that someone has already crafted

In the Toolbox section, type in a keyword that brings up whatever you want to use for your game, for example, tree.

Any object placed in your game will end up under the Workplace Tab in the Explorer section.

From this tab, you can delete any parts or items you no longer want.

All you have to do is click on the object and press Delete or backspace on your keyboard.

Also make sure to turn off Collisions in the top menu, otherwise your pieces will transform into each other rather than colliding with each other.

5. Create Spawn Points

You can also create Spawn Points.

This is an area of ​​the game from which a character is created.

Go to the menu template from the top and click Spawn.

You can hide spawn points by setting their Transparency to 1 and removing the Decal on it from the Workspace section.

6. Multiple actions to help define your game

  • For duplicate an object placed in your world, click on the object and press Control or Command + D.
  • For to cancel any action you performed, press Control or Command + Z.
  • For Remake any action you have undone, press Control or Command + Y.
  • For Turn any object you select, press Control or Command + R.
  • For Focus the camera on the object you select, press f.
  • For Group objects, hurry Control or Command + G. You can also press Shift and click to select the objects you want to group in the Workspace section.

7. Add a script to a game

For this section, you will need to become more familiar with scripting.

The programming language used for Roblox is Lua, so you will have to learn it to successfully create scripts and create more actions in your game.

For add Scenario to a part, hover over it in the Workspace section, click the + icon, then choose Scenario.

Lua is very easy to learn compared to other programming languages, so don’t give up creating your own game just because you’re not familiar with programming languages.

Find yourself an online guide on how to script with Lua, and you’ll be making games on Roblox in no time.

8. Assemble your game

Now that you know the basics of making a game on Roblox, and you may have also learned how to code in Lua, you can start putting your game together.

Use the simple tips you learned above and remember that creativity is key.

So even if you know a Lua script line, you still have the power to create a fun and dynamic game, you just have to think outside the box.

9. Publish your game

Click on the Publish button to publish your game and have others play it too.

It will show you a new menu, then click on ‘Create a new game’.

From here, you can name your game, give it a description, assign it a genre, and also check off which devices your game plays best on.

You can also choose who accesses your game.

In the top menu, click Game Settings, then Permissions, and choose from Friends, Public or Private.


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