How to download the original Minecraft game for free without a visa on all devices in 5 minutes


How to download the original Minecraft game for freeThrough the following paragraphs we follow the download of the famous electronic game Minecraft, which is loved by young and old alike, because all the stages of the game have an excitement that makes players of all ages play it with great pleasure, and through in the following lines we tackle the quick download of it, on device types. There are a large number of Mine fans who want to download this game for free. You can easily download Minecraft on all devices, Android devices, iPhones and computers.

How to download the original Minecraft game for free

The game download for Android smartphones is as follows:

  • The player immediately enters Google Play.
  • Enter the name of the Maine Craft game search box.
  • The user clicks on the search button.
  • Wait for the search to complete and various game icons to appear.
  • Once the icons quickly appear, the player clicks on the Minecraft logo.
  • Enter the game and install it on the phone system.
  • The game is now available on the phone, and you can play it at any time.

Download Minecraft for iPhone

Downloading this game is done via iPhone as follows:

  • Unlock your iPhone.
  • Direct access to the App Store.
  • The user writes the name of the game they want to download, namely Minecraft.
  • The game writes its name in the search box of this store.
  • Wait a moment for the game icons and icon blocks for Minecraft to appear.
  • The store user clicks on the icon assigned to the game.
  • Begin the installation process.
  • The game is now ready to use and run on iPhone type phones.
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