Here’s When Fortnite’s Game-Changing ‘Playground’ Mode Disappears


Credit: Epic Games

from Fortnite the awesome new Playground mode is going away soon.

The Limited Time Mode (LTM) is already a huge hit with the community, and creative builders are making some spectacular creations.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. For the Playground LTM which arrives next Thursday, July 12th. This is also the start of season 5.

Writing in a post on reddit, Epic Games notes that they will remove the mode in order to work on it and someday release “a full creative mode” for Fortnite.

“For the next version of Playground, we hope to include features that would enable team selection options within Playground itself,” the developer adds.

Playground teams would allow players to do some cool things. For example:

  • 1v1 and 2v2

  • Aim assist for controllers

  • Modify other players’ structures

  • Traps correctly affecting teammates/enemies

  • Highlight teammates on the map

  • Damage enemies with your pickaxe

Epic also notes that you’ll only have until Thursday to access your Playground replays.

So it’s not quite time to say goodbye to Playground mode, but it’s getting closer. v5.0 and Season 5 of the Battle Pass are fast approaching. Hopefully we will see the return of Playground v2 next season.

You can read more about how Playground Mode currently works here.

What are the coolest Playground creations you’ve seen? And what changes would you like to see implemented in the next version of Playground mode? let me know about Twitter or facebook.

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