Goku, Vegeta, and Dragon Ball Locations Officially Coming to Fortnite


Iconic characters like Goku, Vegeta, Bluma and Beerus will come to Fortnite with a variety of Dragon Ball themed activities that will let you battle as if you were a Super Saiyan.

Starting today, four Dragon Wheelbarrows are available in Fortnite, along with other themed items such as Power Pole, Kamesennins Staff Pickaxe, Nimbus Cloud Glider, Space Pod Glider, Charging Up Emote, Fusion Emote, and Boosting Ki Emote.

Cosmetics are just part of the content of Dragon Ball, coming to Fortnite. In addition to items that appear in the Item Shop, a Power Unleashashed tab will be open to all players. This tab will open up Dragon Ball themed quests that players can complete to earn rewards.

Fortnite – Dragon Ball Super Collab. 13 pictures

The Dragon Balls will be filled with six quests. Complete all seven and players will unlock a Shenron glider, along with other back blings, sprays, and other rewards. These quests will be available on August 30.

On the Fortnite map, you will be able to add free Dragon Ball modes such as Versus Boards. Players can compete against the Federation Council and participate in a PvP style battle where players will have 5 minutes to defeat their opponents using weapons like the Kamehameha blast or the Nimbus Cloud.

The main map will also add the Kame House where players can go there and exchange their gold bars with Bulma for unique items.

Fortnite adds Dragon Ball Adventure Island on August 19 – this time of year, which recreates the entire cast of Kamis Palace, Gokus House, God’s Room, and Yoga House. There will be a player option against Tenkaichi Budokai Arena, if Power Hunger is allowed.

Finally, Fortnite will host several Dragon Ball Super games from August 16 to 11 on September 17.

Fortnite previously announced that Dragon Ball was going live at the end of this month. And beyond the new character skins, Epic is clearly involved in this Dragon Ball collaboration, especially given the anime’s success.

If you are lucky enough to find dragon ball skins that allow you to goku without being superman, the dragon ball adventure land is a standalone dragon ball game built in fortnite.

No matter what you think of the dominant battle royale in the world of Epics, the addition of Goku and Vegeta to the rapidly growing toybox is guaranteed.


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