Fortnite v21.51 update goes to Fortnite


After the standard Fortnite update, Epic Games shared the details of the latest update, v21.51. Epic returns Fire Week September 7-13, so many of the best guns are making a comeback. So with the Primel Flame shotgun and Dragons Breath, some of the best weapons are making a comeback. Firefly cans and cannons are regularly found on the ground, but for full-throttle fire, it’s not as fast as it can be. Fire and Fire Week, while exceptionally fun, will not make it to competitive playlists.

In other news, Epic has made drastic changes to purchases, cancellations and social settings using the v21.51 update. You must now use the button to make a purchase. You will not be able to cancel cosmetics on the spot until they are ready or available within 24 hours. You save all payment information.

When it comes to voice communications, Epic now lets you decide on a phone call with anyone, friends and teammates, or friends only, or anyone else, with the option to limit them to parental nature. Additionally, Child Control has also been replaced with a recurring menu.

And finally, Epic introduced new methods to punish toxic behavior. Now players can no longer use voice chat or even add new friends.

In conclusion, v21.51 brought unchanged content or fresh skins that would keep us entertained for the next two weeks. So, sit patiently and wait for the next update.


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