Fortnite game servers are back online


The Fortnite game has been down for 6 hours, but is now back online. Epic said it is working on a fix for stability issues that caused game servers to crash.

The Fortnite game team announced the bad news on Twitter via the @FortniteStatus account. He promised to keep players informed “as soon as more details become available”.

However, the company describes the outage as a “major outage” on its website. The Epic Games Store is experiencing “poorer performance,” according to the same webpage.

According to Epic’s Fortnite Status Twitter account, online gameplay, which has just entered Chapter 3 with substantial changes to the environment, has caused issues for players logging in and looking for a match.

When the systems first fall, the Epic Games Launcher doesn’t even try to start Fortnite, saying the servers were down, but it will try again later. Unfortunately, after launch, it just made you wait about ten minutes and then failed to connect, as many players have reported and experienced.

2021 has seen a number of significant internet disruptions. Just a few weeks ago, an Amazon Web Services networking issue rendered many websites unavailable for part of the day, including Disney+ and Vice.


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