Fortnite – Game modes are facing serious issues, players cannot stay in the game.


Right after the first day of the year, Fortnite greeted its players with another issue that appears to be groundbreaking if not urgently addressed.

Fortnite is once again in shambles with an issue that is causing gamers a lot of issues. The issue that was discovered a few hours ago is said to have caused players to constantly juggle the game between the game and the loading screens, which in turn would completely ruin any chances they could play the game.

The issue has been reported in many different versions by several players in the community. For now, here’s everything we know about the issue preventing a horde of gamers from enjoying their favorite game.

Players get stuck after exiting the Battle Bus.
Players get stuck after exiting the Battle Bus.
  • Players are stuck in a loop going back and forth between their loading screen and the game
  • Players entering the game are then subjected to another issue that prevents them from moving at all (no emotes, running, walking, etc.)
  • Most players reported not loading into the game at all and had to Alt + F4 to exit the game because it would get stuck in their loading screens for too long.
  • You lose the ability to jump off the battle bus and have to wait for it to reach the end of the road where it naturally kicks you off, even then players don’t have the option to open their gliders or fall freely.
  • Players who entered the game with “movement” reported that they were moving through the game while juggling the loading screen and the game, forcing them out of the game Alt + F4.

There are no official tweets or explanations from the Epic games at this time on what could possibly be causing this issue. However, keeping Epic’s track record in mind, they’re sure to come up with a hot patch soon enough.

Stay tuned for more information on all of Fortnite.

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