Fortnite game developer helps BIM design company


Epic Games’ Fortnite video game is hosted on Unreal Engine

BIM design specialist Tridify has received a “MegaGrant” from video game maker Fortnite Epic Games, to develop a new BIM streaming service.

The service would allow AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) professionals to view interactive BIM models rendered with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, streamed to any mobile device.

Designed to improve collaboration at all stages of the construction process, the service aims to make existing workflows more efficient and increase the quality of the viewing experience, when sharing large BIMs remotely.

Currently, due to data size and mobile device restrictions, viewing large models makes collaboration difficult for project stakeholders operating remotely.

The new streaming service will remove existing barriers to sharing large BIMs, working with any size model on any device.

Tridify claims that users will soon benefit from uninterrupted workflows, seamlessly interacting with complex models from any location.

Tridify’s new service automatically publishes any IFC (Industry Base Classes) file to the Unreal engine and delivers it to users via a URL. As the model is streamed directly to a device, there is no need to download additional apps.

The service will be available in October through a range of packages at different prices and is an addition to Tridify’s existing set of BIM publishing tools.

Alexander Le Bell, CEO of Tridify, said: “Being able to view any type of BIM model on any device, rendered in the industry’s highest quality game engine, Unreal, is a major step in streamlining AEC workflow.

“The service solves the problem of how to share complete models of large-scale developments such as airports, hospitals or shopping malls with anyone, anywhere, without any technical or financial barriers.

David Weir-McCall, Business Development, Unreal Engine Enterprise, at Epic Games, said: “The new Tridify service opens up incredible opportunities for the AEC community to benefit from the power of Unreal Engine visualizations as they work remotely with BIMs. more and more complex. .

“Making Unreal Engine more accessible in this way will make it easier for the AEC ecosystem to understand projects and open up communication between designer and customer. “


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