‘Fortnite’ Game Awards Twitch Drops 2020: How to Get Free ‘Fortnite’ Wrap, Card, MORE Giveaways



Epic Games has just provided the new “Fortnite” player base as well as a number of different ways for them to get free Fortnite cosmetics. Although players were reportedly unhappy and a number of decisions from Epics regarding the sale of certain rekins as brand new skins have been made. No one can say that Epic has given all of its users a plethora of different free cosmetics.

Fortnite Gifts 2020

According to a FortniteInsider article, PlayStation users enjoy Epic Games the most, as well as several different PS Plus Celebration Packs that give players some free skins as well as other cosmetics. These other cosmetic products include gliders as well as pickaxes. There are other reported platforms that could have gotten their free cosmetics from certain Twitch Packs, Holiday Challenges, Party Royale events, and more.

The last straw of Twitch “Fortnite” is the Rainbow Fog movie that players can get for free by playing five single games with friends. An alternative is the Houseparty app which would be owned by Epic Games themselves. It looks like players have yet another new opportunity to receive cosmetic as well as free Fortnite packaging that would be available through Twitch Drops during the highly anticipated Game Awards Show coming later today.

Free ‘Fortnite’ map on Twitch

In a recent blog post on the Twitch official website, Twitch had mentioned that there would be a new “Fortnite” Game Awards Twitch drop for the highly anticipated live broadcast of The Game Awards Show. On Twitch’s official Instagram account, Twitch even teased that the upcoming “Fortnite” Game Awards Twitch would offer players a free Fortnite wrap. However, details of the free package have yet to be announced once the feed goes live.

How do I connect Epic Games to Twitch?

For players to link their own Twitch account as well as Epic Games to enjoy the sweet “Fortnite” Twitch Drops, all users need to do is click on this site and click on the obvious “connect” button under what is considered a Twitch logo. Players will then need to follow the simple instructions presented on the website.

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How do I get the free ‘Fortnite’ wrap?

The reported “Fortnite” Twitch drop would only be active for 30 minutes once it was finally announced during the Game Awards live stream. Viewers will be required to watch a minimum of 60 seconds or less of the official Game Awards broadcast from these two rated channels. Namely, the / game rewards and / twitchgaming or one of the data co-streamer broadcasts in which players will find somewhere within the given special event category WITH the drops enabled.

The official broadcast of The Game Awards Show begins at 6:30 p.m. ET or 3:30 p.m. PT or 11:30 p.m. GMT or 12:30 a.m. CET. The official Fortnite Item Store will then reset two hours later than usual. Players can expect the Master Chief skin to be available soon! Oh yes, be sure to link the accounts by 9:00 am PST on December 11th.

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