Fortnite game adds new Glider Grapple, LTM and Rocket League Octane in v22.40 update


Fortnite’s v22.40 update mixes it up with new bliss, including the Grapple Glider, another LTM, and Rocket League’s Octane vehicle.

Fortnite has finally made its latest update, which introduces an assortment of happy newcomers to the game’s essential battle royale mode. another thing, another LTM, and that’s just the beginning.

Epic Games’ ever-famous battle royale title is accepting its first update in quite some time, with the latest update adding Star Wars-themed Skywalker Week. The oddly planned week briefly brought lightsabers and E-11 Blaster rifles back to the island, but players have been missing out on everything else to do on the island – lately.

The main part of Fortnite v22.40 update is the Rocket League Octane expansion. The Octane was recently introduced to Fortnite as a feature of the game’s v22.10 Imaginative Mode update, with the vehicle now open in Fight Royale and Zero Form modes.

The famous vehicle includes generally similar abilities found in the game it originated from, including rocket supports, supersonic speed, the ability to bounce, double jump, evade, take off and roll down walls . The Octane has been “tuned” for these modes, which means it could be a less capable part than its Inventive Mode partner.

One of the other huge boosts coming to Fight Royale and Zero Form is the new Grapple Glider thing. A twist on the fan-favorite Grappler, the Grapple Glider allows the customer to point and shoot at a hard surface, pulling them high and launching their glider.

The Thing is obviously a magnificent choice for players hoping to quickly escape from extraordinary circumstances, especially in heavy POIs like Shifted Pinnacles. Grapple Gliders in Fortnite can be found from Stage 1, Chrome Chests, and Supply Drops.

Another big part of Fortnite’s v22.40 update is the highly anticipated Huge Fight Restricted Time mode expansion. Snippets of gossip about the return of the big battle mode have been swirling around since mid-August, with a slew of alleged intricacies winding up being valid. Unlike 50v50, the new Huge Fight LTM is 40v40.

Veteran players can expect a faster pace than before, with the storm previously surrounding the main area, unprecedented pre-stacked loadout, and only uncommon or better loot. The LTM is also No Form, guaranteeing fairly quick matches.

In conclusion, is an update for versatility and imagination. With Versatility, the bind/use button has been completely eliminated from the fire button, with explicit activities getting their own symbols. For Inventive, the battle royale island has now become a “starter island” with which makers can create their own encounters.

It has also been stated that Fortnite will put Fight Lab on v23.00, possibly with the update coming after the exceptionally anticipated Section 3 finale.

Fortnite is accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and mobile phones.


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