EvoChrome weapons only got one major buff in Fortnite


If Fortnite HDD Weapons, you can’t get the weapon.

While part of the island was covered in Chrome, the weapons were introduced to Fortnite in Season 3 4.

This new feature has completely changed the way players interact with the game’s various modes, especially when they activate the unique Chrome Splash element.

But fans still didn’t think Chrome’s weapons needed to be changed to make them truly useful. With a little help, Epic Games will finally fix this problem.

Are Fortnite Chrome weapons good now?

According to HYPEX, a prominent Fortnite leaker, Epic Games has reduced the damage required to upgrade Chrome weapons in Fortnite to make them much more useful.

The damage required to upgrade the Chrome Weapon, EvoChrome Extract, and EvoChrome Burst Rifle, has been changed as follows:

  • Rare 100 uncommon damage caps (was 215).
  • Single digit game in ipod was single digit.
  • Epic to legendary damage 400 (was 850)
  • Legendary to Mythic damage of 1200 (will not change from 1800).

A shotgun and burst rifle, EvoChrome appears to be an uncommon rarity, but players can upgrade their weapons to Mythic rarity with their damage. These weapons reload faster and even have less memory.

However, until now, players felt that Chrome weapons took too long to level up. To put it into perspective, 1800 damage would be like killing 7 players in zero builds.

The damage has been reduced significantly, so this might be a more viable option, with this fixed fix considered a more viable option.

Chrome weapons should also spawn more frequently on the island. For example, if you’re having trouble finding them, getting Chrome weapons may be easier in Fortnite.

Damage required to upgrade chrome weapons has been reduced and there are now more weapons: Unusual to Rare is now 100 from 215. Rare to Epic is now 200 from 500. 1200 from 1800 pic.twitter.com/O0SFmaBCBy.

HYPEX (@HYPEX) September 29, 2022

You should note that none of these details have been officially confirmed by Epic Games. However, as with others, we have personally experienced the dunking of the upgrade.

Since Chrome weapons are much more effective, this will make it much easier to get a Victory Royale in Fortnite.


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