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While most Minecraft players are familiar with Creative and Survival game modes, some may not be aware that there are a few other lesser known game modes. All of the game modes in Minecraft provide a unique goal that they can use to create great things.

Some of the game modes listed below can currently only be played in the Java edition; however, hopefully they will make it to the Bedrock Edition sooner or later.

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Describe each Minecraft game mode

All game modes

As noted above, each Minecraft game mode offers a different experience and usage for players to explore. All of them and their uses will be listed below.

Survival mode

Survival mode is by far the most commonly played game mode in Minecraft. Players must gather resources, food, and create shelter in order to survive the dangerous nights.

Players can die in a variety of scenarios, such as drowning, being killed by a hostile mob, burning in lava, or starving due to the hunger bar. When they die, they will lose all of their collected items and experience points.

A screen that no Minecraft player in Hardcore mode wants to see (Image via u / Gamerbrineofficial on Reddit)
A screen that no Minecraft player in Hardcore mode wants to see (Image via u / Gamerbrineofficial on Reddit)

Hardcore mode

Hardcore mode is very similar to Survival except that the game difficulty is permanently set to hard and once the player is dead the world will no longer be playable. The latter makes Hardcore Minecraft players extremely skilled and careful as they don’t want to lose their worlds.

Unfortunately, Hardcore mode is only available on the Java edition.

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Creative Fashion

Creative mode is exactly what the name suggests. This allows the player’s true creativity to shine as they are granted the ability to have infinite blocks or items. Creative mode players can also fly around their world, looking for better areas to build at their leisure.

Adventure mode

Adventure mode is a unique game mode that only allows players to interact with certain blocks such as levers and buttons. They can only break blocks with a tool that has received the CanDestroy data tag.

Adventure mode is most often used in Adventure maps, where the objective is to follow the story. Without this type of play, players could pierce the entire adventure map, rendering them completely useless.

Spectator mode

Spectator Mode is another unique mode that allows players to view their world from multiple points of view. In this mode, players can fly (clip) through all the blocks and even see the map from the perspective of other crowds.

Players in Spectator mode cannot interact with blocks or entities and are completely invisible.

The video above provides an interesting tier list for all of the game modes listed. Readers should keep in mind that this is the personal opinion of the downloader.

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