Every Minecraft Game Mode Explained


Minecraft has three main game modes, and each differs from the other. This is true for both Bedrock Edition and Java Edition.

The Education Edition is different and only works in creative mode, so it doesn’t cover all three game modes, but the other two versions do.

The three modes are Survival, Creative, and Adventure. These have long been the main game modes. Gameplay is largely the same in each mode, but has key differences that set them apart in the latest version of Minecraft.

Each of the three game modes in Minecraft: complete guide


Survival is the most common mode anyone uses. This is the default, so unless players change game modes, they will start every world in that mode.

It is also the hardest mode to play. Every block must be won, whether by looting, killing, or mining.

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In this mode, health matters the most. Survival death is not only possible but also very common. Survival means hunger is also essential.

Eating is the key to life in this game mode. It is the only mode in which achievements and progress can be completed.


Creative is, by comparison, the easiest mode available, as everything is instantly available through the Creative menu. All blocks, elements and more can be accessed in seconds.

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Flight is possible without the use of elytra and rockets. Crafters can simply jump in the air and move around without fear of falling. If they fall, they will take no damage.

All damage, and therefore all forms of death, are impossible in Creative mode, making it the safest mode to play.

This is great for building, as it’s very easy to collect any materials that would take a long time or be nearly impossible to get in Survival Mode.

Creative disables achievements, but it’s a perfect game mode for those who want to build or just have fun.


Adventure mode is the last of the game modes available. It is much less popular than the other two modes because they are played so often. This game mode can be overlooked, but it’s great fun.

Here is what the Minecraft Wiki says about Adventure Mode:

“Adventure mode is a game mode for player-made maps, limiting part of the gameplay in Minecraft. In this mode, the player cannot directly destroy blocks with tools or place blocks, in order to avoid messing up adventure cards or griefing the servers.”

The DLC Sonic World is in adventure mode (Image via Mojang)
The DLC Sonic World is in adventure mode (Image via Mojang)

This mode is the most customizable the title has to offer. Custom maps are possible and blocks can be changed, while player roles can even be changed according to player wishes.

Adventure mode is also where all the coolest maps are. Many maps in the market are in adventure mode, and they are usually different from the normal game and a lot of fun.

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