Epic reveals all about Fortnite’s high-stakes limited-time event


Epic Games has teased an upcoming “High Stakes” limited-time event for its Battle Royale mega-hit fortnite for a few days now, but new details have slowly and surely started to emerge, giving us a good look at what to expect.

The information comes from PAX West, where the studio hosted live streams of ongoing Fortnite action. The main selling point of the event is the heist-themed limited-time mode called “The Getaway” – a team-based mode in which teams search the map for jewels. You can see a quick snippet of how the event will unfold below.

There will also be three new challenges which – acting similarly to the Anniversary event challenges – will reward players with special event-exclusive items upon completion. By playing ten matches of the new Getaway Mode, players will earn 5,000 XP; deal 500 damage to opponents wearing a jewel with a card suit-themed spray; and picking up a jewel in five different matches gives you the drag seen in the video above (with cash flowing behind you as you fall). Completing all challenges will earn you a Crowbar Harvesting Tool.

Additional details confirm that “The Wildcard” outfit will be available, featuring four different mask variations, the “Cuff Case” back, and a new “Safe Cracker” glider. A brand new grappling hook weapon will also be introduced, potentially changing the game quite dramatically. You can see it in action below.

With promises of a powerful performance patch coming soon to Fortnite on Switch, now might be the time to get in on the action. Will you be trying out this new mode when it starts later this week? Let us know below.


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